Redefining health for kids and teens.

Welcome to the Louisiana School-Based Health Alliance

School-based health centers (SBHCs) are a crucial link between health and education, and they improve outcomes for students in both areas.

Working hand-in-hand with the school community, SBHCs provide safe, age-appropriate, culturally-competent health care to students where they spend much of their time– in school! Providing high-quality primary care, behavioral health, and other services to children and adolescents, SBHCs are particularly effective in delivering to young people who may not seek or have access to care elsewhere.

With youth-focused health education and services available at school, students are more likely to stay healthy, feel supported, engage with learning, and graduate.

The Louisiana School Based Health Alliance (LASBHA) is a volunteer, non-profit organization for individuals passionate about school-based health care. We advocate on local, state, and national levels to ensure the continued growth of school-based health, and provide opportunities for education and networking among like minds. Join us as we redefine health for kids and teens in Louisiana!

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